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Liberian Man Spends 18 Years In Prison For Crime He Did Not Commit

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Influencers, the story about the American citizen who was murdered in Mamba Point in May of 2004 is still haunting the lives of many people 18 years later. As we speak, an innocent man is currently serving a life sentence at the South Beach Prison as a result of this crime. Mascara Konneh was sentenced to life in prison after the murder of John Auffrey was pinned on him. It is a known fact in Liberia that a man commonly known has Boy T Moore (real name Emmanuel Mulbah) was the actual person who allegedly brutally murdered John Auffrey and later fled the country. According to well known politician, Allan White, he believed that the government at the time did not like how Americans were running things in Liberia, therefore they murdered John Auffrey in a failed attempt to assassinate Allan White.

Since then, we have had little to no knowledge on Boy T Moore’s whereabouts while Mascara rots in prison. Fast forward to today, a source close to our blog informed us that the alleged murderer is currently in jail in Ghana. Since fleeing Liberia, Boy T Moore has since naturalized as a Togolese and changed his name to Dominic Bimba. We received pictures of the fugitive from a police officer at the jail he is being held for position of deadly weapons to show proof that it was in fact Boy T Moore that they had in custody but with a new name and new nationality.

As of now, it is not clear if the Liberian government is in the know of this situation or if they have any plans of bringing Boy T Moore to justice, but something must be done! A young Liberian is facing a life sentence for a crime he did not commit, and it is about time that justice is served not only for John Auffrey, but for Mascara who has spent almost two decades in prison.

Swipe left to see Boy T Moore most recent mugshot.



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